Copyright © 2011, Kate Elliott.

The Study of Peter Pan (2014)


The Study of Peter Pan (2014) is a time-based video portrait in which the subject was asked to sit facing the camera for a set period of time. It was shot within the familiar and personalised context of his bedroom. With no formal styling, lighting or direction it focuses on his natural movements and mannerisms, and the changes in his facial expressions.

The Study of Peter Pan is an ongoing project, started in 2013, that aims to capture someone at the point in adolescence between childhood and adulthood, and to freeze that moment, the title of the work referencing J. M. Barrie’s well-known mythological character of Peter Pan – the boy who never grows up. Click here for further information.

The work has been exhibited at Oxford House and Four Corners Gallery in London, Ipswich Art School Gallery, and The Museum of Moscow, as part of the International Biennale for Young Art. It has also been published in the New York based art photography magazine Capricious, artist led newspaper Uncertain States, Boys by Girls Magazine, and Kunstforum International.